Diamond Crowd

Where the Diamond Shines

The Diamond was voted "Favourite Band Venue" by the bands themselves. Here is why.............................

The Size:
The Diamond is bBig enough for a good size crowd, but small enough for that close up and personal connection between the band and crowd.

crowd 1The Atmosphere:
From the comfortable surroundings, the sweet acoustics, the general layout, seating, dance floor and great all around visibility.

But most of all because of YOU!
You know w.at you like, and you know how to show the bands your appreciation.

The Bands come from all over the country including London, Birmingham, Newcastle and as far away as Ireland.

They are the best in the country. An amazing combination of talent and showmanship combined to give the absolute best in live entertainment.

What you will NOT find at the Diamond:
You will find no "Girl Bands" with hipsters and strange body piercings. No "Boy Bands" with too tight trousers and Beckham quiffs, both of which strut around on stage miming the lyrics because the choreographed dance steps are far too elaborate to enable them to dance and actually sing at the same time.
On top of all that, there is not a single musical instrument between them. These "bands" are manufactured by "Record Labels" obsessed with making quick money. You could save yourself a lot of hassle and money and just stay home and get the same manufactured performance by listening to their CD.

Of course, I can tell you where to begin your search... At The Diamond,
Come and see "Real Bands" with "Real Voices", "Real Musical Instruments" playing "Real Music" and above all, playing that music with "Phenomenal Talent", but don't take my word for it… Check out our upcoming gig listings then come see for yourself why the bands love to play here!

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